For those of you who I would class as 'superfans', you might have noticed that I've been a little quiet on the music front these past few years. I now know that the pandemic knocked the creativity and confidence out of me, which was an experience I didn’t see coming and haven't really had to face before. I questioned why I write and share my songs and honestly if anyone was bothered either way. 


What I've concluded after a lot of soul searching (if you know me well you know...I do this quite a lot!) is that songwriting and performing is an integral part of who I am, and how I make sense of the world, and so these past few months I've been heading down to my local, and very welcoming monthly open mic night to get back to basics, play in front of people and slowly but surely my confidence and belief in why I do this have now returned. 


I've also been going back and reviewing some songs that I recorded post covid that I'm proud of, that never really got a chance to have their moment in the sun*, and so I've put them together in a new 3 track EP called LIFEBUOY, which is available from today on Spotify, Tidal, etc.


Massive thanks to Steve Parker who played Bass and Melodica on track 1, Tim Cotterell who played Violin on track 2, Nic Jones who provided additional vocals on track 2, Adam Jarvis who mixed and mastered track 1 and 2 as well as providing piano on track 2, and Marc Rothera who mixed and mastered track 3.


I hope you enjoy the songs, while I'm working on the next batch, and hope to see you at a gig sometime soon once I’ve got some more lined up.


Chris x


*This is also a more general plea for some sunshine in this country.



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